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A loveletter to Public Relations

By Jennifer Morris
09 February 2018
Category: Public Relations

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and it got us thinking not just about everyONE we love in our lives, but everyTHING. Public relations makes up a large part of our lives - it's our day job, and has been for well over a decade. 

InkPot founder, Jenny, has worked at small l... Continue reading


Brexit - what can we learn from its approach to communication in 2017?

By Jennifer Morris
03 January 2018
Category: Public Relations

Words: Joseph Browne

“From a marketing perspective, the political and commercial spaces are often viewed as silos. But the challenges for marketers in both spher... Continue reading


Ace your small biz PR & marketing with this simple checklist

By Jennifer Morris
26 October 2017
Category: Public Relations

Words: Joseph Browne

For start-ups with limited resources and small budgets, PR and marketing can often find itself way down the to-do list. If this is the case for you, don’t fret just yet.

Here at InkPot we’ve put together a simple checklist of the essentials every start-up need... Continue reading


The very best PR & marketing news, views and tips from September 2017

By Jennifer Morris
09 October 2017
Category: Public Relations

Words: Joseph Browne

Worried you’ve missed the top marketing and PR stories from September? Lucky for you, InkPot has compiled this helpful round up of the most useful or entertaining news!

1.  A staggering 80% of small businesses use Facebook for marketing. A... Continue reading

Tags: marketing news small business social media PR public relations communications
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By Jennifer Morris
03 October 2017
Category: Public Relations

The new non-wired bra by specialist lingerie company, Little Women, boosts cleavage by up to three sizes, using game-changing technology and design.

The Pearl bra by Little Women – a UK lingerie brand that specialises in beautiful lingerie for women with cup sizes AAA-B – is a seamless... Continue reading


We have a lovely new client - Little Women lingerie!

By Jennifer Morris
26 September 2017
Category: Public Relations

We’re excited to share news of a lovely new client – Little Women, a specialist lingerie company for women with cup sizes AAA-B. InkPot will support (no pun intended) Little Women with product launch campaigns, media management and proactive comms.

Little Women designs, manufactures and... Continue reading


New made-in-Manchester noodle brand, SOOP, to launch at Manchester Food & Drink Festival

By Jennifer Morris
14 September 2017
Category: Public Relations

 Alex Markham was so fed up with the lack of hot, healthy grab-and-go lunch options that he decided to create his own. His Manchester-based brand, SOOP, is a range of freshly made, Asian-inspired instant noodle soups packed with protein and veg... Continue reading


Gulp – did someone say ‘networking’? A quick guide to beating the networking blues and winning new business.

By Jennifer Morris
26 June 2017
Category: Marketing

If the thought of networking conjures up images of strained conversation over soggy sandwiches and warm Pinot Grigio, then this blog is for you, my friend. 

Not so long ago, it was me imagining painful hours at expensive networking events, doubting if my time would ever be rewarded... Continue reading


InkPot PR’s charity partner announced as Humane Society International.

By Jennifer Morris
11 May 2017
Category: Public Relations

PR and marketing consultancy, InkPot PR, has announced that its official charity partner will be the animal protection organisation, Humane Society International (HSI).


InkPot PR, based in Buckinghamshire, UK, will work to... Continue reading

Tags: charity pr marketing animal welfare

Ultimate PR & marketing checklist for start-ups and small business success!

By Jennifer Morris
26 April 2017
Category: Public Relations

If you own a small business or start-up, you’ll understand how much plate-spinning that involves. The bills, the location, the team, the branding, the office dog…the buck stops with you and that (let’s face it) can be a little overwhelming.


Continue reading

Tags: PR marketing small business

Super-useful, super-quick PR & marketing round up for small businesses!

By Jennifer Morris
07 April 2017
Category: News

Overwhelmed by PR and marketing advice online? Fear not, InkPot has pulled together a quick little round up of the past week’s most useful or entertaining news. Grab a cuppa and take a little break on us.


1. 67% of... Continue reading

Tags: PR marketing content marketing small businesses

How converged media is a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool for small businesses. Here’s a quick guide by the experts at InkPot PR.

By Jennifer Morris
05 April 2017
Category: Public Relations

‘Great’, you may be thinking – ‘more marketing jargon – what the heck is converged media, and why should I care?’


Yes, the world of marketing is full to the brim with industry terminology, from the useful to the downright... Continue reading

Tags: PR content converged media earned media owned media marketing

PR specialist for startups and SMEs launches

By Jennifer Morris
14 March 2017
Category: News

We are InkPot PR – a specialist PR and marketing consultancy for SMEs and startups – and we’ve launched today!


InkPot is led by journalist and PR director, Jennifer Morris, and is supported by a coll... Continue reading


Top 6 winning social media tools for small businesses

By Jennifer Morris
14 March 2017
Category: Social Media

If you own a small business and want to succeed, then you should have a business website (duh!) and be active on relevant social media channels – so says the 2016 Small Business Technology Impact Study.


Conducted by Time... Continue reading


Why Startups need PR

By Jennifer Morris
10 March 2017
Category: Public Relations

You’ve just spent the past year building your dream business, and have bills coming out of your ears. So why hire a PR consultant? Surely it’s not that hard to build a good reputation and loyal customer base yourself – right?

PR practitioners bring years of experience to the table – the... Continue reading

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